Date Submitted Team Name Email Address Message
2018-07-09 17:41:29 The Quinn-tessentials Idea for Star only prize: Tickets for family to Wichita Zoo and a gift certificate to Cold Stone!! We love the zoo, but ice cream is always needed after! Becca
2018-07-09 17:48:41 The Quinn-tessentials Star only gifts: Gift certificate to the Salina Community Theater! Gift receiver can pick the play/musical they'd like to see and order the tickets. Maybe also a meal at Martinelli's! Here is the list of shows for their 2018-19 season! 1) The Music Man 2) Silent Sky 3) Elf, The Musical 4) The Foreigner 5) Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time 6) Sunday in the Park with George
2018-07-15 11:50:08 Isaac's Incredibles Talking fire alarm
2018-07-18 22:29:29 Addalyns Angels We need 20 brochures please
2018-07-18 22:37:24 Cody's Cowboys 10 extra brochures please.
2018-07-19 13:14:28 Ember's Quest I would like about 30 brochures sent to just my address.
2018-07-19 23:48:48 Tyler's Triple Play Can I please get 10 additional brochures?
2018-07-22 13:33:27 Live, Love, Lijah I haven’t had time to look up addresses, so can you please send me about 15 extra brochures? Thank you!!
2018-08-20 23:43:48 Cody's Cowboys "Cody's Cowboy Ropin" Needed: (Cody will bring the items) Calf roping head Bale of hay / straw Lariats The person roping stands behind or back to the side of the "calf" to swing the rope. They swing the lariat and throw at the calf's head. If they catch the calf, ding-ding-ding! They have caught the calf. If they don't, re-loop and try again.
2018-08-21 21:16:04 Tyler's Triple Play How about a Corn Hole game? We have one that we could bring. Maybe if we could get a couple we could get a tournament going for the adults.
2018-08-21 21:16:54 Tyler's Triple Play What about a Giant Jenga game? We would make it and bring it.
2018-08-21 21:19:19 Tyler's Triple Play What about a Giant "Beer" pong game? We could call it Pop Pong! You would have 12 buckets- 6 at each end and a couple of 6 inch balls. We are going to buy the stuff to make one for home and could bring it. I played it while in Nashville at Top Golf and it was fun! More Teenager or Adult aged game.
2018-08-22 00:38:48 Horton's Lil' Angel Stack them points Teams of 2. One person stands still while their teammate throws inflatable rings trying to have them go around the person stand still. Points can be written on the rings. The person within x amount of time with the most points wins.
2018-08-25 15:44:35 Tyler's Triple Play We will have tiny dinosaurs at our tent. As many as you want....
2018-09-01 17:11:05 Graysonation Will be bringing a Graysonation stamp for the scavenger hunt.
2018-09-03 13:34:06 Elizabeth's Entourage Hi Shella, Sorry for the delay on the Fact poster and button pictures. Let me know if we are too late for anything. We were not able to get Elilzabeth into the school that we were intending for Kindergarten. This would have been the same school she had attended for Preschool, so were already prepared to work with the same individuals for the Hero Program. However, she is now going to a
2018-09-16 19:29:09 Mason's Monkeys I can't get my fact posters with pictures to go thru. What am I doing wrong? Or did you get them? it said an error occurred please try again, even had a couple other people try it.
2018-09-16 22:22:35 Mason's Monkeys I did each one separately and they went thru except the last one didn't have a picture attached to it. I will try it again later. Have a Great week!!!!!
2018-11-09 12:26:18 The Quinn-tessentials #600, Carrie Elting has paid me cash for the Buddy Walk shirt. I have sent messages to the remaining few! Thanks!

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