Name Email Phone Adults Children Gift Idea Comments
Bigler 785-819-4582 1 2 Dolls, coloring books or crafts
Crystal Weishaupl 785-407-0647 1 2 Cars, dinosaurs, anything that plays music Not sure if we will be able to attend the parade. Depends on how cold it is. Grayson's asthma is triggered by the cold air.
Farrah Myers family 785-201-5020 3 Puzzles (1000 piece or bigger) or anything unicorn lol Farrah loves the Christmas party! She'll absolutely love being in the parade
Gerstner 785-294-0294 0 0 As of now we have Church photos right in the middle of that time, so can’t make it. I will be sure to let you know if things change and we end up being able to make it!
Clark 785-230-0927 2 1 Surprise her with anything girly She loves books and baby dolls and Minnie Mouse
Donnie Tate 785-243-0730 00 00 00 Donnie is an usher in a wedding that day for his great niece :)
Walter 785-738-2118 2 1 mosaic tile pictures, Polar Express DVD, fleece or soft PJ (shirt and pants not gown)size 10 Not sure we will stay for the parade.
Schmersey/Horner 785-280-2327 0 0 I'm sorry we will not be able to come.
Rebecca Poland 785-263-5753 2 2 I posted the link to our gift idea, if it doesn't work let me know and I'll message it to you!
Laws 785-250-6738 2 4 Anything Dinosaur
Wanklyn 785-799-4531 2 1 Carolina Panthers, KSU, WWE We will not know if we can make it until this Sunday, 11th.
Golightly 785-427-5448 3 2 Coloring or baby doll
Jarred Hernandez-Mitchell 785-342-2597 2 4 WWE figure with a Diva (girl) one
Gaskill 785-340-3179 3 6 LeapFrog My Own Leaptop
Horton 785-630-1743 1 4 Wwe no action figures She is the hardest to buy for she has tons of wwe things but it's also her favorite thing.
dmitri20115l 82434862154-- 9353 4554

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