What Is Down Syndrome?

Down Syndrome is the most commonly occurring chromosomal abnormality, resulting when an individual possesses three, rather than the usual two, copies of the 21st chromosome. This excess genetic material affects a person's physical and cognitive development. People with Down syndrome will have some degree of mental retardation. There are many characteristics associated with Down Syndrome, including low muscle tone, a flat facial profile, and an increased risk of some related medical conditions. However, every person with Down syndrome is a unique individual and may possess these characteristics to different degrees or not at all. In addition, all of these characteristics are found in the general population.

Why Be Concerned?

Chromosomal abnormalities are a widespread medical issue, with Down syndrome being the most common genetic condition. One in every 800 to 1,000 children is born with Down syndrome. More than 50 percent of miscarriages are caused by a chromosomal abnormality. As many as 25 percent of all miscarriages are caused by a "trisomy" which is the presence of three copies of a particular chromosome, rather than the usual copy of the 21st chromosome. - National Down Syndrome Society

NCKDSS Mission

North Central Kansas Down Syndrome Society (NCKDSS) is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to provide support and resources to individuals with Down Syndrome and their families.

NCKDSS was established in 2002 by two families in the NCK community. Their mission was to ensure their children full potential in community life. This mission is being fulfilled through education, research, and advocacy.

The Society has grown through various activities engagements and community awareness programs. Each October, which is National Down Syndrome Awareness month, NCKDSS sponsors a "Buddy Walk" to promote the acceptance of all people with Down Syndrome. The Buddy Walk has grown every year from 30 participants to over 900 participants.