Date Contact Individual Nomination Email Address City State Zip Phone Capacity Excellence Additional
2018-01-26 18:00:04 Kristi Benyshek Shella Thoman 703 E 7th Concordia KS 66901 785-243-5914 I have known Shella for 10 years, as a friend and supporter of Down Syndrome. Our children have grown up together, attended the same daycare and are in the same class at CES. There are no words to express how much Shella does for this organization. She spends countless hours organizing events and meetings. She collects prizes from donors, sorting/delivering shirts and helps make sure every event is running smoothly, and always does it with a smile. Shella is so passionate about this organization. She enjoys giving back to her community and the families who have children with Down Syndrome. North Central Kansas is very fortunate to have such a reliable, selfless, professional person committed to giving her all, for this cause.
2018-02-22 13:56:18 Rebecca Poland Quinn Poland Peggy Aschenbrenner 409 W. Cloud St. Salina KS 67401 785-263-5753 We have know Miss Peggy for almost a year, she is Quinn's Preschool teacher. Miss Peggy has been a huge part of Quinn's learning and growing in preschool! We have seen more sign language used in everyday situations, more words being spoken (or trying at least!), and more willingness to move from one situation to the next without refusing or throwing fits. Miss Peggy has gotten to know Quinn as an individual and expects her to do the things that are asked of her. Miss Peggy knows that Quinn is capable and will not stand for anything less! I personally have seen Miss Peggy use multiple tactics to get Quinn involved, or help her transition, or even telling her that her actions aren't okay and to refocus Quinn. I love that Miss Peggy sees all of Quinn's abilities and is pushing her to be her best! As a parent of a child with DS, I am profoundly thankful to have a teacher that knows Quinn is capable and is able to push her to new heights every day! Miss Peggy works in a room with other preschoolers, all with special needs, with Quinn being her only student with DS. She has the amazing ability to make each student feel loved, welcomed and included all while teaching them and preparing them for their next step in life and education. She truly loves her students and you can see that everyday!
2018-03-01 23:45:39 Shella Thoman Isaac Thoman Haley Gile KS 785-275-1777 We have known Haley since Isaac was 5 years old. She was Isaac's Kindergarten teacher. Haley was Isaac's Kindergarten teacher the first and second time we put him through Kindergarten. She did an amazing job both years working with him individually just as she did with the other students and did not rely on the Special Education teachers. The connection her and Isaac made helped Isaac not only academically but also socially. Her acceptance and love of him encouraged the other students to accept him as well. It seems obvious that I was not the only one to notice the difference she made as later she would be Bentley's teacher and is currently Haaken's. Haley continues to love and support Isaac, participates in the Buddy Walk and promotes the acceptance of individuals with Down syndrome. She was the Foundation of an incredible experience at CES.

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