Name Email Phone Adults Children Gift Idea Comments
Golightly 785-427-5448 5 2 Baby doll related. Alieah has really been into baby dolls and they clothes and carrying them everywhere with her.
Minkler/Powers 785-639-6551 4 0 Anything WWE ( wrestling) & Kansas City Royals & KC Chiefs & Any kind of movies Any kind of movies and likes country music (CD)!! Shirt size XL
Bigler 785-819-4582 1 1 Dolls with hair to style, barbies and baby dolls
Lane Vanous 785-614-4045 6 1 likes ebox games,
Baker 405-812-6934 2 2 Love music and lights Excited to meet some mamas!
Poland 785-263-5753 2 2 Art set with carrying case Quinn has gotten very interested in drawing! She loves to create masterpieces and hang them on the fridge. We think she'd love to have her own "professional" set of tools to use! something like this,maybe!
Weishaupl 785-407-0647 1 4 Anything sensory (fingerprints, playdough, textured toys) 4 kids: 2 yo, 3yo, 3yo, 14yo
Cody Wanklyn 785-799-4531 2 1 Home in country by Wamego. The boy is still into WWE wrestling - UGH! Royals, North Carolina Panthers, KSU This is a tentative reservation. We may be in Oklahoma, but won't know until closer to the date. If Santa decides to bring candy, would he be able to limit the amount? Wrestling season will be going strong then. Just saying! LOL
Green/Washburne 785-643-9515 1-2 3 Nerf gun type stuff
Clark 785-845-7195 2 1 Anything with babies or Minnie Mouse
Chaput 808-228-6073 3 1 Books
Horton 785-630-1743 2 4 Wwe stuff loves bellas!
Schmersey/Horner 785-280-2327 3 3 Books, puzzles
Walter 785-738-2118 2 2 Frozen, Beauty and the Beast, Clifford, or 3rd grade reading level books or fuzzy socks or colored ink pens especially purple
Clare Walter 785-488-7117 2 4
Bigler 785-819-4582 1 1 Dolls, barbies
Gaskill (Greer) 785-340-3179 2 8 Little People camper or animal rescue (she has house and farm)
Charla Cassel 785-577-6966 2 0 Nail polish. Paper pens. Hair ties. She polishes her nails at least 1 time a day We had a good time last year. Thank you for all you do
Myers 201-201-5020 3 Farrah loves Christmas puzzles, the hard ones 1000 piece or more
lane vanous 785-614-4045 5 1 exbox games, I tune card, gift card
Thoman 785-275-1777 4 2 Nerf
Hernandez -- 3 5 Imaginext DC Super Friends Arkham Asylum
Benyshek 785-243-5914 1 1

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