Name Email Phone Adults Children Gift Idea Comments
Horton 785-630-1743 1 4 I will have to get back to you on the gift she is hard to buy for.
Green-Washburne 785-643-9515 1-2 3 skateboard(Smallish, doesn't have to be full size) Walmart also offers the smaller skateboard, but it's slightly more expensive.
Walter 785-738-2118 2 3 books 2nd to 3rd grade level She would enjoy books about cats, horses, Barney, Daniel Tiger, Berenstein Bears, Blues Clues, Frozen or books with down syndrome characters. She really enjoyed Marshmallow Kingdom, Stella and the Little Tree and Kaitlyn Wants to See Ducks.
Walter 785-488-7117 2 4 Anything for a four-year-old girl
Gerstner 785-294-0294 2 3 Anything Minions except the movie (already has it) This is a MAYBE, not a yes yet! We will be in Clay Center for basketball that day so depending on game times will determine whether we make it to the dinner!
Darin and Anita Laws 785-250-6738 5 10 Any thing Dinosaur or books. We are bringing Brooklyn Hendricks and family. Brooklyn is the little girl with Trisomy 2 that I had messenged you about.
Poland 785-263-5753 2 2 Kids working tool set-unisex or girl We'd like a tool set for Quinn, as she is very curious and wanting to use the tools like Daddy and big brother Kade! One that is for kids, but still functional and useful for her would be fun and help her motor skills! Ex.
Sonya Hernandez 785-342-2597 3 5 Buzz Light Year Buzz Light Year is on clearance at for $19.99 :) Buzz lights up and talks.. JcPenyys .com have alot of toys on clearance :)
Powers/Minkler Family 785-639-6551 3 maybe 4 0 Anything WWE wrestling and shirt size is extra large
Myers 785-201-5020 3 2

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