Date Registered School School Group County School Contact Student Contact Address City State Zip Phone Email School Website Principal Host Game Volunteer Host In-School Know More Comments
2016-06-03 09:35:36 Concordia Elementary School PIE Cloud Mrs. B JKK 1201 E 10th Concordia KS 66901 785-243-1111 Mrs. Breeze Yes Yes No No ddddd
2016-06-06 13:33:57 Wamego Central Elementary Pottawatomie Teri Dow Bentley / Aubrey Brown 700 Poplar Wamego Ks 66647 785-456-7271 Teri Dow No No No
2016-08-15 15:34:02 Salina High School South Social Studies Dept. Saline County Curtis Stevens or Kevin Poland 730 East Magnolia Salina KS 67401 785-309-3700 Curtis Stevens This is for the group of adults participating only. No students will participate in this event. Kevin Poland is the sponsor of this event.
2016-09-12 13:33:39 Wamego High School Pottawatomie Chad Brecheisen 801 Lincoln Wamego KS 66547 785-456-2214 Chad Brecheisen No No No No
2016-09-25 23:34:13 Beloit Jr./Sr. High School BHS Student Council Mitchell Brennan L. Eilert Jared P. Long 1711 N Walnut Beloit KS 66674 785-738-3593 Casey Seyert No No No No
2016-09-27 09:07:48 Minneapolis Grade School Ottawa Anne Abell Tyler Laws 312 Delia Ave Minneapolis KS 67467 785-826-6108 Pat Anderson No No No No Thank you!

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